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© World Vision

Join churches worldwide on 10 June 2018 to pray for an end to famine.

In May 2017, more than 120 faith-based organisations representing over 1 billion Christians worldwide joined together for a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine as millions were on the brink of starvation. 

The Global Day of Prayer to End Famine played a crucial role in raising awareness and inspiring action around the world. Through humanitarian efforts, we have seen some enormous obstacles beaten for many people facing hunger. Unfortunately, in 2018, the risk of famine remains, and has even increased, having the potential to spread to many other areas.

More people still face famine today than any time in modern history. 

More than 20 million people are at risk of starvation across Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. Globally, millions more suffer from drought and food shortages.

These crises are the result of conflict, drought, poverty and global inaction, and in most cases they are preventable. Churches have a prophetic role in calling its members, wider society and governments to make a difference during this unprecedented period of suffering.

Food is more than a human right; it is a divine gift that cannot be impeded.

On 10 June 2018, we are joining together across countries, languages and traditions to respond to the global hunger crisis in our churches, in our prayers and through our actions.


1. Commit to pray

Commit time to pray for an end to famine in your church and in your family. Find resources to guide your prayer.

2. Share your prayer

Use #praytoendfamine to share your prayer and actions on social media. Be inspired by what others are sharing.

Partners in the 2017 & 2018 calls to prayer.


  • ACT Alliance
  • All Africa Conference of Churches
  • Anglican Alliance
  • Arigatou International
  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  • Caritas in Veritate International
  • Catholic Union of Superiors General
  • Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa
  • Christian Conference of Asia
  • Christian Connections for International Health
  • Community of St. Eggidio
  • Faith & Justice Network of the Mano River Basin Countries (Western Africa)
  • Food for the Hungry
  • Fracarita International


  • ADRA Canada
  • Methodist Relief & Development, UK
  • American Baptist Churches USA
  • American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans
  • Anglican Diocese of Edmonton
  • Anglican Parish of Ipswich North
  • Anglican Paris of Southern Trinity
  • Armenia Interchurch Roundtable
  • ARISE Church New Zealand
  • Association des églises évangéliques réformées du Burkina Faso (AEERB)
  • Association Évangélique pour la santé au Tchad
  • Association of Franciscan Families of India
  • Avondale Union Parish (NZ)
  • Being the Blessing Foundation (US)
  • Bethel United Church of Christ (US)
  • Bread for the World (US)
  • Canadian Baptist Ministries
  • Carlisle/Kilbride, United Church of Canada
  • Centro La Pietà (Spain)
  • Christian Council of Nigeria
  • Christian World Service (NZ)
  • Christ Church Anglican (Canada)
  • Church of Scotland
  • Church of Sweden
  • Clevedon Presbyterian (NZ)
  • Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families
  • Dorset Christian Fellowship (UK)
  • Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa
  • Ecumenical Council for Drought Action and Water Management, India
  • Eglise Protestante Méthodiste du Bénin
  • Epimu Epimaque Munyankindi, Rwanda
  • Episcopal Church of Guatemala
  • Eucharistic Catholic Church (Canada)
  • Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nikolai Eversten (Germany)
  • Ev.-luth Missionswerk, Niedersachsen (Germany)
  • Evangelical Association of Malawi


  • Global Christian Forum
  • Global Ministries of the Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ
  • IMA World Health
  • Lutheran World Federation
  • Medical Mission Sisters
  • Methodist Church of Southern Africa
  • Oikotree Movement
  • Organisation of African Instituted Churches
  • Prayer and Action for Children
  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa Women's Guild
  • Presbyterian World Service & Development (Canada)
  • Religions for Peace
  • Salvation Army International
  • Sisters of Mercy International


  • Evangelical Church of Greece in Corfu
  • Evangelical Church of India, Kolkata
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana
  • Evangelical Reformed Congregation in Warsaw, Poland
  • Evangelische Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache in Ethiopia
  • Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland
  • Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland
  • Feba Radio UK
  • Fort Garry Mennonite Brethren Church (Canada)
  • Galewood CUCC (US)
  • German Protestant Church in Thailand
  • Glenwood United Church (Canada)
  • Gongabu Christian Church (Nepal)
  • Gospel Fellowship of India
  • HEKS/EPER (Switzerland)
  • Independence UMC (US)
  • Institute of Church and Society, Ibadan (Nigeria)
  • Jamaica Council of Churches
  • Japan International Food for the Hungry
  • Kenya Agrovet and Human Health Cooperative Society
  • Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Kindernothilfe e.V (Germany)
  • Lippische Landeskirche (Germany)
  • Lutheran Church of Australia
  • Lutheran World Service India Trust
  • Massey Presbyterian Church (NZ)
  • Matta Martin Luther Charities & Missions (India)
  • Mennonite Brethren Church (Malawi)
  • Mennonite Central Committee Canada
  • Mennonite Church of India
  • Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa
  • Missão sem fronteiras para Cristo em Angola


  • United Evangelical Mission
  • United Methodist Church, Global Ministries
  • Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa
  • World Communion of Reformed Churches
  • World Council of Churches
  • World Evangelical Alliance
  • World Food Programme
  • World Methodist Council
  • World Renew
  • World Vision International
  • World YMCA



  • Mission EineWelt, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria
  • National Council of Churches of India
  • National Council of Churches in the Philippines
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries of Lanka
  • New Generation Outreach (Kenya)
  • Partners in Serving Nations (South Africa)
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
  • Place of Hope Indigenous Presbyterian Church (Canada)
  • Prayer Strategy for Spheres of Influence (Australia)
  • Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa
  • Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (Canada)
  • Protestant Youth Federation in Germany
  • Ramah Christian Center (US)
  • South Sudan Council of Churches
  • St. Alban's Church (Washington, DC)
  • St. Andrew Memorial Anglican Church (Canada)
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Ottawa (Canada)
  • Trinity United Methodist Church Gloucester City (US)
  • UCCP Bulanao Capitol Church (Philippines)
  • United Christian Action New Delhi (India)
  • United Church of Canada
  • United Church of Christ (US)
  • Verband der Evangelischen Studierenden Gemeinden in Deutschland
  • Village2Village Project Uganda
  • Vuga Bible School (Tanzania)
  • Wellspring Community Australia
  • World Day of Prayer USA
  • World Relief Canada
  • YWCA Kenya
  • Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals
  • Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Let us know if you would like to join as a partner HERE.